Don’t tell people about your business, show them!

Peasy Media provides a range of video solutions to help broadcast key messages and bring products and services to life.

Peasy Media was formed from a passion for helping small to medium sized independent businesses. We understand the struggles independent business owners face, not helped by the pandemic, and have a genuine interest in easing the pressure from one of the many responsibilities an independent business owner has to face – video marketing.

With a background in sales, marketing, radio, and events, we understand what content a video needs to include to attract new customers. It’s not about an all singing, all dancing Hollywood style production, but about highlighting the unique facets of an individual or business, product or service that will help viewers relate and make the decision to get in touch.

Maybe you’re satisfied with the videos you are creating yourself for your business but want them to stand out more and appear less amateur. Maybe you think a video production company would be too expensive for you. Give us a call, we will try to find a way to meet your needs and budget.

Whether you choose to use our video editing services, or would rather we filmed, we aim to make the entire process easy, so you get back the time you need to focus on what you do best.

Our Services

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Promotional Videos

Videos used for the purpose of promoting a specific marketing initiative such as a sale, an offer or an event. The idea is to grab the viewers attention and entice them to want to know more.

Brand & Company Culture Videos

Brand Videos are about introducing your business, they’re about telling the story behind the company and showing customers your business is worth their time.  Customers obviously want good products and services, but more than that, they want good products that come from good places. A company culture video shows the faces behind the business and provides a great way for customers to relate and form a connection to your brand.

Explainer Videos

These can include sharing helpful tips from how to ensure a cake rises to fixing a common plumbing problem. Walking your audience through a process or teaching them how to solve a problem through video, provides a step-by-step guide that can be watched, paused, rewound and shared over and over again.

Testimonial Videos

It’s one thing for potential customers to hear you rant and rave about your product, but if they hear it from someone who is not connected to your business, they will believe it, and more it importantly, trust it more. If you already have written testimonials from clients, ask if they’d be happy to say the same on camera!

Animated Infographic videos / Kinetic Typography

These are videos that generally require no filming, but broadcast a direct message in a simple, clear and engaging way by combining animated text with (or without) images and clear language. Moving text that captures attention, entertains and engages an audience.

Video Editing Service

If you can shoot or have the footage/imagery yourself, but not the time, skills or patience to edit – we can do it for you. We have 3 video editing packages available to help you move forward with your video marketing.


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